About Us

Pink House was started by a band of bud brothers who wanted to grow the best cannabis they could so they would always have quality cannabis to smoke. The project started in September of 2009, and became a full blown company in the Spring of 2010.

Our History

We offer the highest quality medicinal and recreational marijuana and marijuana products for the fairest prices. From the managers all the way to our growers and tenders, our experienced staff strives to serve and represent the Colorado medical marijuana community with transparency, an unparalleled commitment to excellence, and a passion for our product. With a team of experienced experts that includes growers, hash makers, edible producers and musical/visual/graphic artists-we are here to serve patients with dignity, respect, and kindness.

Our Passion

To provide the best quality medicine on the market, period. If we test a product and it does not pass our rigorous test, it never becomes available. The plant has been grown for centuries all over the globe, the plant itself has gone through a great deal of mutations, evolutions, and cross breeding, and lets not forget shock. Our team has stepped up to the challenge of cultivating the plants to their peak performance, and also equally as important is to provide safe and secure locations to access the medicine. We employ only the best people who are knowledgeable about the plant and its benefits to you the patient.

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