Grown in nature. Perfected in Colorado.

A few tokin' words. Like every subculture, marijuana users have their own unique vocabulary. But don't worry, you can learn the basics in no time. And if there's ever a word or phrase that you don't understand, just ask. We'll be glad to clue you in.

Weed Culture

4:20 - The ideal time of day to smoke weed with your friends.

7:10 - The ideal time of the day to partake in a dab.

Blaze - The act of smoking, ingesting or absorbing THC, and/or getting high.

Cheifin' - The engage in the act of getting high.

Clones - Cuttings of much larger plants to replicate strains.

Crushin' it - Crushing it.

Dabbin' - Going to smoke concentrated marijuana out of an oil rig.

Dabs - Concentrated marijuana.

Dispensary – Legal, for-business retail centers where you can gain access to medicine.

Flower - Slang for ready-to-smoke marijuana buds.

Herb - Slang for ready-to-smoke marijuana.

Inhale - The act of smoking, ingesting or absorbing THC, and/or getting high.

Mary Jane - Slang for marijuana.

Moms - A specific strain that is kept alive and healthly for the purpose of cloning.

MMED - Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division (State of Colorado).

Toke - See inhale.

Puff - See inhale.

Red Card - Obtained through a process of state approval for medical marijuana in the state of Colorado.

Spliff - A combination of rolled up marijuana and tabacco. *Be sure to pre-warn your friends, remember not everyone like to smoke tabacco.

Weed - Slang for marijuana.

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