Pink House Retail Marijuana Store Application

Petition Gathering Regarding the Pink House Retail Marijuana Store Application

What is it?

Pink House is a medical marijuana center located at 111 S. Madison Street. Pink House has been serving medical patients at this location since 2010 and has applied to the City for a license to serve all adults over 21 in addition to medical patients

Elliott Klug, the owner of Pink House, would like to hear from neighborhood residents and business owners who support the application, oppose it, or would just like to learn more, as well as provide an opportunity to sign supporting or opposing petitions.  Thus, you are invited to stop by and chat with our staff about the proposed license application and learning about its potential impact on the neighborhood and its residents and businesses.  

Who should sign?

The attached map shows a rectangular area that the City defines as the relevant neighborhood for purposes of community input regarding the application.  All residents and business owners in this designated area are encouraged to express their opinion by signing the petition.


The boundaries of the area are from the south side of 4th Ave to E Virginia Ave, and the East side of Milwaukee St, and the West side of Colorado Blvd.

When and Where?

Ongoing during normal business hours through May 6th, 2018

Mon-Sat 10am-9pm, Sun 11am-5pm.

Pink House @ 111 S. Madison St., Suite 111, Denver, CO, 80209

We encourage attendees to enjoy the spring weather and  walk to Pink House. If you must park, please do so behind our building in the alley or on the street.

For those unable to stop by in person, please contact Elliott Klug at 3zero3.4zero8.52zero1 or by email elliott AT